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Managing Mishaps In The Outdoors

New course helps prepare leaders for those unexpected mishaps

Upper Langtang Valley NepalOver recent months a number of participants on our tailored and accredited outdoor first aid courses have expressed an interest in knowing more about how to deal with incidents in the outdoors - taking things beyond the 'first aid'. With this in mind we have developed a new course, Managing Mishaps in the Outdoors, to introduce those who might lead or take groups into the outdoors to the wider issues of managing a casualty for extended periods, understanding the role of the emergency services, managing groups and self-help. The short practical course will be both indoors and outdoors based.

Born out of Paul Freeman's and Iain Nixon's over 40 years service in Mountain Rescue and world wide climbing and walking experience the course aims to help people understand what else needs be done while you are waiting for help in a remote spot.

"I had recent experience of this when visiting Nepal. I came across an injured trekker and knew we were at least a couple of hours from the nearest village, a days walk to the nearest road and would have to wait 24 hours for helicopter evacuation. In situations like this knowing what to do and self-help becomes important as no one else is going to get you out. This may be a more extreme example but the principles, skills and knowledge used are as relevant to a day's walk in Britain's hills" said Paul.

On Sunday 13th May we are piloting Managing Mishaps in the Outdoors as 5 hour course with up to 10 participants. If you or anyone you know is interested in attending the course and providing us feedback on the training so that we can develop the idea further, please email to receive a booking form.

Paul and his partner Lesley are also raising money for Community Action Nepal (CAN) who aim to bring long term benefits to the resourceful and proud mountain people of Nepal.  CAN has established more than 50 community projects focusing on  health, water and sanitation, schools, education and cultural development.

If you would like to donate something please visit our donation page or if you would prefer to send a donation by text send this code DXMR57 followed by your amount e.g.£5 to this number 70070 and watch your donation appear on our fundraising page.